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The Importance of an RSVP…

So, you receive an invitation in the mail for an upcoming event where reservations are necessary and space is limited (as clearly stated on the invitation). There is a request to RSVP no later than a certain date which is approximately 2 months away and is 2 weeks before the actual event date. Do you:

A) Respond right away; either Yes or No, because you are already on top of your schedule and know what you’ve got going on for that date. Might as well get it out of the way, right?

B) Wait a little bit (or until the last minute), because you’re not so sure what you’ve got going on or if you even want to attend yet.  Nonetheless you respond to the invite.

C) Not respond at all. You’ll either show up or not and expect the host to have the ability to predict your decision in enough time to make necessary arrangements for you.

Or what about the +1? If the invitation doesn’t state your name followed by a +1, do you:

A) Contact the host and ask if you’re allowed to bring a plus one to the event.

B) Assume that the +1 will have to sit this one out, because it doesn’t say anywhere on the invitation that you can invite an additional guest.

C) Neither. You show up with your +1 and hope that your host will be hospitable to your invited guest and spare all of the awkwardness for another occasion.